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Bark Bank is dedicated to transforming the lives of canines in need. Our non-profit initiative aims to connect donor dogs with dogs in need of blood transfusions, establishing a nationwide canine blood registry.

Pawtal, our digital platform, allows dog owners to register their pets as blood donors, schedule blood profiling tests and donation appointments with their chosen vets, and manage their pet's profiles easily.
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Join Bark Bank as a canine blood donor and offer a helping paw to those in need. Your dog has the potential to be a lifesaver, bringing hope to others facing health challenges. Explore the process details and discover how your dog can play a pivotal role in our donor community. Let's create a positive impact in the lives of our canine friends together.
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Criteria for canine blood donation
To be eligible for blood donation, dogs must meet specific criteria to ensure the safety of both donors and recipients.
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